Donna Ballare By Vito Ballare Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz

Donna Ballare By Vito Ballare Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz
The modern woman is a strong, independent individual who doesnt need a man, but is vulnerable enough to express emotions every once in a while. Delicate yet intense, Donna Ballare for Women by Vito Ballare is fit for a woman who embodies the qualities of a 21st century lady. It exudes enchanting floral clues and citrus tones that embrace one in a wonderful blanket of sweetness. This perfume is meant to be worn on a pleasant day with family and friends, but it also works in the office since its sweet allure is not overpowering. The perfume is captured in a 100ml clear glass octagon flacon with a white flower on its faade. It has a golden, multifaceted neck and a clear topper. The bottle is housed in a pink box with its name etched in front.

Donna Ballare for Women opens with top notes of neroli, fresh musk, and woody essence. This composition introduces a honeyed, metallic accord thanks to neroli, which is then counteracted by the bland canvas facet of woody notes. Fresh musk adds a moody, sweet odor to the blend that intensifies the balsamic green flavor of neroli. The heart notes feature orange absolute, jasmine, honey, and fruit scents. Orange is the core of this tier of accords, which provides a citrusy zest that dominates the concoction. Jasmine infuses the mix with a fresh, invigorating smell that calms the senses. Its fruit notes simultaneously accentuate the sweetness of jasmine and balance the overt tanginess and sour pungency of the orange accord. Honey injects the structure with a sugary glace that is a treat to the olfactory.

Together, both the top and the heart notes swirl into a mesmerizing synthesis that exudes delicate Oriental scents. This fragrance is perfect for a woman of glamour she who doesnt settle for a good fragrance but always chooses the best one to match her exquisite taste and lifestyle.

Vito Ballare is an Italian subsidiary of La Maison CHKOUDRA Paris and creates exceptional fragrances for everyone. Their dedication to delivering grace and beauty to men and women makes it one of the best labels in todays perfume landscape.<P>Designed For Women<P>This product is the original, authentic name brand and NOT a knockoff or imitation.