Hyskore Gas Dampened DLX Precision Shooting Rest

Hyskore Model# 30088
Unlike rests that require heavy weights, the DLX uses compression damper technology to progressively absorb recoil; thus eliminating damage to gun, stock, or bedding. After each shot the gun returns to battery to put you right on target. The rest is constructed from powder coated welded steel, and the set includes a remote hydraulic trigger release to eliminate any human motion contamination. Convenient and portable it weighs just 13 lbs. With the compression damper in place it will handle anything from a .270 WIN up to a .375 H & H. Nitrogen filled compression damper progressively absorbs recoil. Supports .25-06 up to .375 H&H. Hydraulic trigger release included. Welded tubular steel construction. Magnetic bubble level included.