Maglula Magazine Loader/Unloader HK91/G3

Maglula Model# LU25B
The HK91/G3 LULA Loader/Unloader loads 5,10, and round HK91/G3 type metal 7.62/.308 Win. magazines. It is simple to use in either loading or unloading mode. The loader/unloader eliminates thumb pain and wear on feed lips. It also prolongs magazine life. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket. The loader/unloader is crafted from durable reinforced polymer and is reliable in all weather. Fits 5,10, and round HK G3 and HK91 metal mags. This loader does not fit polymer G3 magazine.. All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader!. Simple to use in either mode. Eliminates thumb pain and injury. Prolongs magazine life.