Lodge Max Temp Oven Mitt

Lodge Cast Iron Model# MITTMT
MaxTemp Oven Mitt is made of heavy-duty Pyrotex, which resists scorching and burning to 455 degrees. Ideal as an all purpose oven mitt where safety is important. Also suitable for using outdoors when cooking on the BBQ. The Max Temp features heavy cotton batting and a steam barrier for ultimate heat protection. The thick terry lining protects from heat without sticking to the handle. It comes single-packed, not a pair. Heavy duty pyrotex outer fabric resists scorching and burning. Steam barrier, heavy cotton batting, and thick terry lining all combine to provide heat protection to 450 Degree Fahrenheit. All-purpose oven mitt takes the worry out of handling hot items. Pyrotex outer fabric resists scorching and burning to 450 degrees F. Measures 16-inches long.