New Archery Spitfire Maxx 100Gr 3Pk

GSM Outdoors Model# 60-665
Spitfire features that serious bowhunters have preferred for over 10 years. Field point accuracy, offset blades and no o-rings or rubber bands, rock solid reliability and renown NAP quality. 0.02 inch Thick Blades, Cut-On-Contact Point, Micro-Grooved Ferrule. Super large 1-3/4in. cutting diameter for devastating take down power. The largest entrance and exit holes for massive blood trails. Diamize sharpening process create the sharpest blades in the industry for massive hemorrhaging.100 Grain. 3 Pk. NAP deep six spitfire maxx. 3 blade broadhead. 100 gr. Makes huge cuts. With a 1 3/4 inch cutting diameter.